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Big News!

The Alexa in Canada Blog

For my techies out there… you know, the ones who love to track their fitness goals using the latest devices such as the Amazon Alexa device.  Check out the new Alexa in Canada blog for all the latest tips, tricks, and advice. And yes, I am the creator of that blog as well!

Become the Best You.

You’ll never think of fitness the same way again.

It’s time for a new approach to health, fitness, and weight loss. It’s about inspiration. It’s about motivation. It’s about education. It’s about passion. It’s about extraordinary results. There is a better way to get in shape, lose weight, and conquer your fitness goals! The Exercise Movement Beachbody Coaching Team is leading the way. We are reinventing the approach to coaching and fitness in Canada.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in a passion for helping and supporting each other to achieve extraordinary results.

Why The Exercise Movement?

When I decided to get in shape and push play with a Beachbody program for the first time in 2012, my life began to transform into something I never could have imagined…

I founded The Exercise Movement to help as many people as possible to get active, fit, and healthy. My dream was to reach thousands of people to help them reverse the trend of inactivity and obesity in their lives. But, I quickly realized that I could not do this alone, and that we would need a team of dedicated Beachbody Coaches to make a real difference in Canada. And so The Exercise Movement was born and OUR dream lives on.

Together, we will play a huge role in transforming our society into one of active, fit, and healthy living, and have an incredible impact on people’s lives.

What is The Exercise Movement?

We are a team of coaches with one main goal in mind… to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and ENCOURAGE others to transform themselves physically, emotionally, and beyond. And in doing so, we transform ourselves.

The Exercise Movement is sweeping across Canada and is having a profound impact on thousands of lives. We are reversing the trend of inactivity, obesity, and disease.

Imagine a world where health and fitness is the norm! Imagine a world where we promote wellness instead of treating disease. Imagine a world where money is spent enjoying life instead of paying hospital bills.

Now stop imagining… and get involved! Join the Movement!

How do you get involved?

Share the Movement. Experience the Movement. Join the Movement.

SHARE the Movement

Follow us and share the inspiration.

EXPERIENCE the Movement

Experience The Exercise Movement Beachbody Accountability Group and get fitness results of your dreams.

JOIN the Movement

Become a member of The Exercise Movement Beachbody Coaching Teamin Canada, share your passion, and earn an income.

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What people are saying about The Exercise Movement…

“The feeling of support is incredible”

Being part of The Exercise Movement has been a great experience for me… the feeling of support is incredible and the members are always so positive and encouraging! Teri is absolutely passionate about his mission to help others!

Heather PR

“gain the confidence and knowledge”

I am very grateful that Teri ended up being my mentor! With his help and guidance, I have been able to gain the confidence and knowledge to push forward. Thanks Teri!

Lyndsey L

“gain the confidence and knowledge”

My experience with Teri has been really inspiring. He is a Coach who WANTS you to succeed and so he is very willing to share his skills and knowledge. Teri is very supportive and accessible and most important to me, is that he leads by example! He will never encourage or ask you to do something that he hasn’t done many times himself!

Christine T

“gain the confidence and knowledge”

I’ve been part of The Exercise Movement since January and I can honestly say that every program that I have tried so far is fantastic! I’m a mother of 4 and I’m in much better shape now than I was pre-babies! Teri is an amazing coach and a great example for all!

Helene A

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