How to Prepare Healthy Breakfast Meals

How to Prepare Healthy Breakfast Meals

August 11, 2019 0 Comment

Workout buff or not, we all desire to be fit. The truth of the matter is, a lot of experts say that fitness is just 30% exercise, and 70% diet. Meaning, exercise can be canceled out by bad eating habits and it is difficult to use exercise to compensate for bad eating habits.

When someone says that they are on a diet, we automatically assume that it’s about decreasing our food intake or sticking to less flavorful food that consists mostly of vegetables. While it can be true for other meals, such as lunch and dinner, it’s hard to imagine having a bowl of green leafy salad for breakfast right?

Breakfast is a very important meal. Aside from being the first meal of the day, it also serves as the “recovery meal” for our folks out there who workout in the morning. It’s no news that there are lots of ways to keep it healthy, but did you know that it can be both healthy AND yummy? Here’s how:

Choose your beverage wisely. Coffee or tea is a common preference as a morning beverage. It shouldn’t be an issue if you drink black coffee or unsweetened tea. But if you like it a bit creamier, it’s good to stick to low-fat dairy, or look for non-dairy alternatives such as soy or almond milk.

Get “gains” from grains. If the first thing you thought of when you read that was cereals from the box, think again! Having grains for breakfast is a good way to stock up on energy, because you can change it up everyday with a variety of grains to choose from. If you want a few recipes to try, look for overnight oats (you can usually top this with your favorite fruit), chia pudding, quinoa bowls, “protein” pancakes, or the good ol’ avocado toast.

Power up with smoothies. Healthy meal in a cup? Yes please! Smoothies are a common preference for people on-the-go. They are so easy to prepare, and even easier to modify according to one’s preferences. Some people prepare them ahead of time, usually before they go to bed at night. They chop up the ingredients, put them all in a bowl (or the actual vessel for the blender), then stick it in the fridge overnight. Then in the morning, all they have to do is blend the mix, pour it in a portable cup, and they’re good to go! How’s that for on-the-go?

Eggs for days. Eggs are popular breakfast food, even to people who are not actively choosing healthier meals. They’re delicious, and there is already a lot of dishes you can cook with just an egg or two. However, the flavor is just the cherry on top! Eggs are packed with protein and a little bit of every other nutrient that we need, so make sure to add this to your breakfast menu as well!

With all these new healthy breakfast ideas, you won’t have to worry about repeating your meals for a while. After all, there are just seven days in a week. The other good thing about breakfast is that the recipes are not absolute—you can easily add your favorite ingredients or try something new everyday. Happy eating!